The thought of traveling alone might seem scary at first, but it’s definitely an experience you will never forget. When traveling by yourself there are some destinations that are more fit for this type of travel. We have selected five places we recommend if you’re looking to travel on your own.

Canada: Steeped in diversity and a young culture, Vancouver, Canada is perfect for a solo vacation considering its lively downtown area. Also consider visiting Toronto. Despite being located in North America, Toronto provides an experience that is completely different than living in the United States.

Chile: From surfing to skiing to simply walking around the city, Chile has a lot to offer! That being said, the country is so small that it’s possible to do everything in one day. The cities of Santiago and Patagonia are musts when you travel to this region. Valparaiso, Chile is also a hidden gem; artsy and colorful, this is a creative hot spot!

Seville, Spain: Off the beaten path from Barcelona and Madrid, Seville, Spain is perfect for a unique vacation. With less crowds, Seville allows more room to explore this historic city.

Iceland: Iceland is true to its name when it comes to water. The infamous Blue Lagoon is just one travel expedition to try. Additionally, Iceland has an array of beautiful waterfalls, national parks, and glaciers, providing the perfect destination for peace and relaxation.

Taipei, Taiwan: With affordable hostels, some of the best in the world, Taipei, Taiwan is the perfect solo destination. Wander the city, especially at night, and try the delectable, one of a kind street food Taiwan has to offer.

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