Relax and Ride, Carlisle is a ride share located in Carlisle, PA.

Our mission is to provide relaxing, reliable, and safe transportation to business travelers, families, and groups.

We serve the Central PA area and transport to Dulles and BWI Airports within this region. We can also travel to other airports and ports as needed.

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Relax and Ride, Carlisle was established by a need from a business traveler who was looking for a reliable and safe commute from Harrisburg to the Dulles Airport. We also wanted to offer this service to families as well.

One of the benefits of our service is the reliability.  We help take the commuting stress away while still offering a very cost-effective ride. We are also fully licensed and insured.

If you have immediate questions or concerns about the service before placing an order below, visit our contact page.

If you plan on having a group come into town for business, we are the service to pick them up and drop them off.

Dulles Airport Details:
As many business needs vary, we will work our schedule around the needs of the business.

BWI Airport Details:
Each business will have varying needs and we are here to meet them. We are very flexible and willing to work around your schedule.

We have a weekly blog which will talk about business and leisure travel for groups.

We have a 12-passenger van for groups.  We also offer door to door service.

Disclaimer: We stick to our schedule and regardless of flight delays we will leave at scheduled times. We will not wait at pick up locations past our schedule time. Please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Additional fees may be maybe incurred based your location.  There are absolutely no refunds. We will however forward the credit to the client for the next shuttle ride.

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