Top 10 Questions Asked by Our Customer’s

2024-05-06T15:28:39-04:00May 6, 2024|General|

#10 Where are you located

#9 What type of car or van do we going?

#8 Do you pick me up at my house?

#7 Where do you pick us up?

#6 Its only one traveler.

#5 Can I book over the phone?

#4 who will be my driver?

#3 How long does it take to get to the airport?

#2 Do you go [. . .]

What happened to the car?

2024-02-03T15:36:19-05:00February 3, 2024|General|

Have you ever been on a trip to get away from the cold only to come back and find out your battery in your car was dead?

Now you are standing at your car trying to figure out what to do. You do not have AAA and its late. You call a family member but its late and they have to go to work the next day. You pretty much run out [. . .]

College Visits

2022-11-08T18:23:50-05:00November 8, 2022|General|

Relax and Ride Carlisle, 2022 Honda Odyssey

The most important decision awaits you in the coming months if you’re a high school senior.  You are making decisions right now for the next four years of your life.  Parents you’re making plans for college visits and planning to take your child to various colleges.

While College planning takes a great deal of planning.  We at Relax and Ride Carlisle [. . .]


2022-06-26T19:24:11-04:00June 26, 2022|General|

#HIA If you have an early morning trip from #Harrisburg, #Carlisle #Newville #Mechanicsburg book your reservation with Relax and Ride Carlisle for your ground transportation.

Delays in US Customs

2022-06-26T19:20:21-04:00June 26, 2022|General|

We are not arriving one hour after flight lands from out of the USA. We have noticed extremly long wait times for customers. All domestic flights are tracked and we will be there once they arrive.

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