One of the things that is in the core of who we are as an organization is giving back to our Community.

We love the Carlisle and this is evidence in our commitment to giving back to our community.

Free Milk Sunday is just one of the things that we have started during this pandemic because we felt that giving to the people who have supported our business is very important.

How Free Milk Sunday works is that we leave 50 Half Gallons of Fresh Milk in totes with ice and the community comes and takes the milk. We have even partnered with Claire’s Orchard in Carlisle and they give us fruits and Veggies.

The location that we have this at is Memorial Park in Carlisle, PA.

We have recently expanded this program to Harrisburg, PA on Sunday Mornings. We give out 50 Half Gallons there. Eventually our goal is to give out a Million Gallons of Milk a year.

Be the difference Maker in your Community because the people matter who we as a business are associated with.