Relax and Ride, Carlisle is looking for qualified drivers. However, in order to be hired, drivers must pass a Non- DOT Physical and Drug screening. This blog post is going to tell you more about that process.

A DOT physical or “pre-employment physical” is a requirement for becoming a qualified driver. This physical is put in place to ensure drivers are in good health and able to properly and mentally do your job. The exam may include a general physical that checks vital signs, a basic hearing and vision test, and/or any other possible specialized test the employer requests.

Additionally, a non-DOT drug test is required by applicants. A non-DOT drug test occurs when a person is in a non-regulated industry and the contents of the test is decided by the employer. Typically the test consists of a 5 drug panel or an expanded 10-panel. This will test for major drug use such as marijuana and/or cocaine. It is mandatory that drivers pass this drug screen in order to be qualified.

To learn more about the position of a qualified driver, please refer to our previous blog post, which can be accessed here. If you are looking to apply or know of someone who may be interested in the position, please contact us. Looking for transportation to BWI, Dulles, Harrisburg, or Philadelphia Airports? Visit Relax and Ride, Carlisle’s website here.