It has just been announced that beginning in September 2018, Cathay Pacific’s Airbus A350-1000 will fly non-stop from Hong Kong to Washington DC. This flight will take place going through Dulles Airport, a transportation destination for Relax and Ride, Carlisle.

This is Hong Kong’s first direct service to the United States’ capital. It is also the longest route ever for Cathay Pacific, lasting 8,153 miles. The trip will last approximately 17 hours in the air. Customers have the option to choose from four flights a week on the A350-1000 aircraft. This includes Business, Premium Economy, and Economy class seating for your trip. Cathay Pacific’s Airbus A350-1000 includes 334 seats: 46 in business, 32 in premium economy, and 256 in economy. Business class includes seats in a single cabin, perfect for relaxation and privacy.

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