From May 2018 to early October, United Airlines will offer nonstop seasonal service from Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC to Edinburgh Airport in Scotland. This is the first time the two nations capitals have been connected. This is also the perfect opportunity for a summer getaway! What could make this potential trip better, booking with Relax and Ride, Carlisle for all your travel needs to and from Dulles Airport. Booking with Relax and Ride would allow for you to enjoy your vacation to Edinburgh to the fullest, considering you could concentrate on sight seeing and not worry about how you’re getting to and from the airport.

Edinburg has an excellent dining, shopping, arts and entertainment scene, as well as being a fantastic location to hike and explore. Dulles International Airport provides 8 reasons to book your trip today! This seasonal getaway is fun for the whole family. Make your trip stress free by allowing Relax and Ride to handle all your travel necessities. Visit our website to plan your transportation today.