Often times companies are looking for drivers to just fill a seat. They pick up people or packages and drop them off to their destinations. If a few good words are exchanged they may right a review or not.

At Relax and Ride Carlisle we strive for excellence. As the passenger you should be walking away from our service saying , “Who can I tell about this service?” The most important component to this is the person transporting passengers.

He or She should be able to understand the products and services being provided by the company. They should be away of the pricing structure and where to inform customers where to go to find it. From the first engagement with the customer over the phone the driver should make the customer feel warm and fuzzy.

If a customer says I would prefer to be picked up earlier than a scheduled time the driver should agree with the customer and make it happen. We are in the people pleasing business and we aim to please as cheesy as this may sound.

From the time you arrive at the customers home early and call the customer and let them know you are outside. These things matter and it reflects on you the driver. Once you greet the customers and grab their bags they are forming an impression about the service at every point.

This is not just a driving job this is an experience to engage in growing with a company that is fast moving.

If you are retired and like to engage in a very high quality service Relax and Ride Carlisle is the company for you.