Relax and Ride Carlisle is a small business located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We are a true small business serving our communities needs both in our business and we are very active in the community.

As a small business we are evolving and always looking for ways to grow and better serve our community.

One of the things we do for the community is Free Milk Sunday. The owner during the pandemic decided to hang bags of milk on the fence at Memorial Park in Carlisle
, Pa. He has successfully hung 30 bags of D milk on the fence at the park for two consecutive years.

He also hangs 30 bags of milk at different locations in Harrisburg, Pa. He has become so passionate about Free Milk Sunday that he has formed a 501C3 in the beginning of 2022.

He has funded this program by donating funds from Relax and Ride Carlisle. Mr Grant feels that giving back to his community is a requirement in his mind.

“The blessing comes back to you 10 fold. When you have a business I feel obligated to give back to my community directly.”

This bond Relax and Ride Carlisle has with the Carlisle and Harrisburg community is a lasting impressionable relationship that will last long after Relax and Ride Carlisle is no longer around.