Nothing is worse than forgetting an essential when packing for a trip. It’s even worse when it’s an item you need immediately on the airplane. Here are a few suggested items to pack in your carry-on to bring directly on the plane with you to make the most of your travel experience.

Gum (or mints): A common reason many people dislike flying is because of ear pressure. More likely than you may think, many people often develop ear infections due to flying. However, carrying gum is an easy home remedy to help avoid ear pressure that may occur during take-off and landing.

Scarf or sweater: Despite traveling in the summer heat or to a luxurious tropical vacation, airplanes are freezing! Therefore, it’s hard to plan an outfit properly to match the 100° heat outside and the cool temperature inside. So, scarves and sweaters are essential. A scarf especially can become a blanket- one that’s easily portable! Sweaters are also accessible to quickly add to a carry-on.

Entertainment: Long flights can be brutal, but also much more enjoyable when entertainment is involved. Whether this be starting a new book or pre-downloading the new few episodes of your favorite TV show on Netflix, entertainment is key! A flight can also be a great opportunity to get ahead on work before arriving at your destination. In this case, make sure your laptop is fully charged and ready to write.

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