Lug, a company known for their colorful and patterned bags, has opened its first ever retail store in Concourse D of BWI Marshall Airport. The bag company has been popularized thanks to Oprah and has previously sold their items on QVC, a televised shopping network. The store features high-tech touch screen kiosks that are meant to give customers a unique, interactive experience. The kiosks allow shoppers to mix and match patterns and colors with different items to find a customized bag they love. A water bottle filler station is also conveniently located next to Lug’s array of water bottles for sale in their signature prints.

Additionally, Lug’s Bag Exchange program allows the company to work with local charities. When customers donate their old bags and wallets, they receive a 10% off voucher when buying new Lug accessories. Their gently used donations will then be given to local charities.

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