Birthday Parties at Dulles International Airport

Dulles International Airport is the perfect space for more than just sitting around and waiting for your plane to arrive. For example, kid’s love celebrating their birthday at the Dulles terminals! With four different birthday planning packages to choose from, there’s an abundance of fun options. Activities include paper airplane making, a scavenger hunt through

Liberty USO Center Opens in PHL Airport

In honor of Memorial Day, Relax and Ride, Carlisle would like to highlight the new Liberty USO Center that recently opened in PHL Airport. This is a brand new facility for military members and their families. The United Service Organizations (USO) of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey’s mission is to provide care, comfort, and support

Nonstop Flights from Dulles to Edinburgh, Scotland

From May 2018 to early October, United Airlines will offer nonstop seasonal service from Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC to Edinburgh Airport in Scotland. This is the first time the two nations capitals have been connected. This is also the perfect opportunity for a summer getaway! What could make this potential trip better, booking

Plan Your Travel Transportation Ahead of Time!

This week, a professional baseball team, the New York Yankees, had an unplanned sleepover in Dulles Airport. Though we all aspire to be like our favorite first baseman, these circumstances were less than ideal. Avoid an unexpected stay in the airport by planning ahead with Relax and Ride, Carlisle. Book transportation with us so that